Quick & Custom Modular Buildings

Your Doorway to Optimized Space

Create the office functionality you need – inexpensively, quickly, and durably with prefabricated modular buildings. The pre-engineered features seamlessly integrate without costly engineering and time-consuming permitting and installation. Use your modular spaces for break rooms, conference rooms, security, storage rooms, office spaces, and even executive-level C-suites. Choose from a wide range of options to customize your space. 

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Advantages of Modular Building Construction:

  • Fully customizable – design your modular building by choosing from a range of options, including wall and flooring materials, windows, doors, colors, etc. Configure your space and satisfy your design concept.
  • Pre-fabrication – modular buildings arrive pre-assembled and ready to use, including plumbing, HVAC, and electrical hookups. Just move your furniture in!
  • Time savings – no engineering plans or permitting required – your prefabricated modular office is ready in just a few weeks vs. months.
  • Cost-effective & tax benefits – besides saving costs for engineers and expensive stick-built construction, modular offices also depreciate faster – just 7 years vs. 39 for traditional construction. Also, the current Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (as of 2018) allows businesses to write off 100% of the cost of modular buildings installed in the same year.
  • Flexibility – your space needs may change over time, but your modular spaces can go with the flow. These prefabricated structures are easy to remodel and update with new features as needed to extend their useable life and stretch your investment further.

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Modular Meeting Spaces
Everything you need in one efficient “Package”

Go big or small, boardroom or quaint think space. Your modular buildings serve perfectly as private meeting spaces. Custom-configure your area with flooring options, soundproofing, climate control, digital connectivity, and whatever you may need to equip your staff for success. While you’re at it –take a look at our conference room modular furniture to complete your new space with comfortable chairs and proportionally-sized tables and credenzas.

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Using Modular Buildings for Meeting Spaces:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Break Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Dressing Rooms

Contact Workspace Solutions for your custom-configured meeting space. We provide turnkey service from initial design through final setup. We will work with your team to design the space they want from the wide range of available pre-engineered options, and then we will be there for the installation and sign-offs to ensure you got just what you ordered.

Isn’t it Suite?
It can be with modular offices

Modular-designed workspaces meet your needs for privacy, comfort, and function. The custom configuration process is simple and fun! Panel and window styles allow you to create a space that enables personnel to remain part of the action yet separate enough to get some quiet work done. Plus, you can choose your flooring material and add soundproofing, climate regulation, and all the electrical connectivity that you could need. Did we mention color choices? Yes, you have those too.

office furniture knoxville tn

Create Your Space – Modular Offices:

  • Executive & C-Level Suites
  • Private & Shared Offices
  • Shared Workspaces

Our Workspace Solutions team has all of the resources you need to build your office spaces and equip them with modular furniture pieces that maximize the room’s function. Contact us now to start your office space transformation.